We have a proposition for how to conduct coconut oil business- from seed to sealed jar.

It all comes down to our follow-through and transparency. In the way we do business and in our final product. 

At Roots, we aren't just brokering oil like many of our competitors. We go beyond our core activities of making the oil, packaging, and getting jars to you. We invest in the current and future well being of the land, trees, and people where we do business. Hands-on. We look at the entire ecosystem that produces a jar of Roots Coconut Oil. Our role is to protect and grow that ecosystem. 

A core belief we hold, is making the oil amongst our coconuts. We put down roots.

It starts with the communities and land where the trees grow, then the coconut farmers. The better the land is taken care of, the healthier the coconuts: and our jar ends up holding the highest quality coconut oil around. This requires community education and buy-in. Our coconut business directly contributes to projects that the entire community can access-benefit from. We want motivated and happy farmers. We take a step beyond our fair trade practices, through our community engagement. Be a Roots farmer and you are treated fairly in business and it’s known in your community: your hard work directly benefits everyone.

We protect our roots, and know our oil. Now, so do you. By doing business with us, this is the value-chain that you support and are now a part of. Each sale helps us protect our land, our people, and deliver to you: high quality, organic, 100% raw, virgin coconut oil.